Predictive Shipment ETA: What Is It & What Are the Benefits?

What Are Shipment Predictive Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs)

Today’s current supply chain market is a battlefield where e-commerce companies, freight brokers, and shipping providers fight for customer loyalty and consumer dollars. In this competitive environment, those who offer the best services at the best prices with the best guarantees are the ones likely to survive. This where predictive shipment ETA can make a significant impact for supply chain managers and logistic supervisors

What Is Predictive Shipment ETA?

Predictive shipment ETAs are not new. However, recent innovations and collaborative opportunities changed the way shipment ETA predictions occur. 

Offering reliable information and tracking services, including dedicated estimated delivery time and location, remain some of the most critical in-demand services customers look for when choosing a company to choose. 

According to RetailWire, “shipping mistakes are on the rise — 78% of consumers report that they’ve experienced late package arrivals and 56% of consumers have received damaged packages.” 

It is easy to see why customers demand better transparency during shipment and want clear predictive ETAs for real-time digital freight network insight.

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Why Shippers Need to Know Chances of Late Delivery at the Moment of Execution

Tracking shipment ETA remains a critical service not just for consumers but for freight managers as well. Moving a single truck or container along all the many paths and modes while negotiating multiple handoffs can be a highly complicated and involved process. However, failing to provide proper monitoring and tracking can cause even more problems, especially with supply chain optimization.

Not knowing the exact location of anticipated deliveries and failing to meet customer needs when it comes to deliveries can render all other positive services and features pointless. 

Customers today look at predictive shipment ETA as an expected service that is always available and always reliable. Failure to provide accurate delivery estimates and the inability to update ETAs properly can lead to poor customer experiences and lost opportunities.

Benefits of Enhanced Visibility at Tendering With Predictive Shipment ETA

When shipment ETA predictions are reliable and accurate, real-time data visibility improves throughout the entire supply chain network. Many benefits come from the proper utilization of predictive ETAs and real-time delivery tracking and communications. These include:

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Along with all the in-demand digitization and automated services such as order tracking and 24/7 customer service access, the need for predictive shipment ETA updates remains critical for future growth and success. 

When customers experience issues with their orders, whether it is late delivery, lost or damaged goods, or poor customer services, it can significantly damage future capacity and profits. Unlock the benefits of more robust delivery ETAs.

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