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Manufacturing Transportation Management Excellence

Journey from Cost Center
to Profit Center

Celestica, a global electronics manufacturer, sought a Transportation Management System (TMS) to reduce global transportation costs and improve end-to-end supply visibility. For Celestica, it was also about choosing a long-term partner that continuously adds value and grows with the business.
Due to a lack of visibility, Celestica was accruing an influx of “premium costs” for shipments. Celestica needed a TMS solution that could manage plants in the U.S., Asia, Mexico, and Europe—all within a single platform.
After choosing MercuryGate, Celestica can view freight in-transit right down to the individual purchase order and part number level. Their logistics personnel know when contracts are about to expire, what the current available rates are, and where all inbound and outbound freight is located.
“MercuryGate is the backbone of our best-in-class process due to the visibility, flexibility and automation the software provides.” — Ryan Bloor, Logistics Service Provider

One Data Center for All

Merging homegrown systems is no easy task. There are varying degrees of automation and capabilities in systems that weren’t built to talk to one another. A billion-dollar manufacturer of energy and environmental technologies found themselves in this position following an acquisition.
An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) was already in operation, but there were concerns about retrofitting it to fit the TMS. The company recognized that to reach optimum transportation performance, they needed to leverage data from throughout their organization’s disparate groups.
Through MercuryGate’s business intelligence, they were able to unify their data within a single data warehouse and easily generate and distribute reporting that enabled better operational decision-making. MercuryGate turned complex data assets into simple graphic representations that didn’t require a technical degree to generate or interpret—resulting in efficient and reliable transportation management throughout the enterprise.

The Power of Planning to Ensure Quality and Capacity

When a paper products manufacturer was notified by its existing TMS provider that they must upgrade to continue receiving support, this was their sign to find a better TMS partner. Last-minute cutoff times and next-day delivery made rapid response capabilities another critical need. Additionally, their mills were in rural locations across the U.S. with fewer available carriers.
Their power and usability pain points made MercuryGate a good fit. They leverage MercuryGate’s extensive load planning and optimization capabilities to attain capacity without overpaying—even in remote areas. With MercuryGate, they’ve experienced almost no downtime, improved processes, and reduced costs.
MercuryGate also made it easy for anyone to use the TMS and keep everyone informed. Advanced freight routing was made possible with a smaller team that could be integrated it into a regular routine as needed.

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