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Manufacturing transportation management excellence

Consolidating data for superior intelligence; accessible as needed

A major manufacturer of energy and environmental technologies had grown to become a billion-dollar enterprise. Much of this expansion was achieved through merger and acquisition. Through the conglomeration of several previously separate organizations, this manufacturer ended up with distributed transportation teams operating on disparate transportation management systems (TMSs) with varying levels of automation.
They recognized that to reach optimum transportation performance, they needed to be able to leverage data from throughout their organization’s disparate groups. They already had an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) in operation, but were concerned that the TMS attached to that ERP would be too hard to retrofit for their needs. So they turned to MercuryGate.

Through MercuryGate’s business intelligence, they were able to unify their data within a single data warehouse and to easily generate and distribute reporting that enabled better operational decision making. MercuryGate turned complex data assets into simple graphic representations that even less senior people could understand and apply. This supports more efficient and reliable transportation management throughout the enterprise.

Turning a cost center into a profit center

A top-tier electronics contract manufacturer needed top-tier transportation management automation to match. They chose MercuryGate’s transportation management platform to optimize their freight networks in order to reduce global costs.
They leveraged MercuryGate to model scenarios in order to identify the best opportunities for savings. Tapping into the power of MercuryGate’s low-touch, exception-driven management, they were able to radically reduce the number of expedited orders and significantly lower costs.
In fact, using MercuryGate, this manufacturer was able to manage its transportation so efficiently that others took notice, and asked them for help. With MercuryGate’s easy scalability, they were able to offer transportation management to others, turning a cost center into a profit center, all while boosting their bottom line performance.

The power of planning to ensure quality and capacity

A paper products manufacturer was notified by its existing TMS provider that they would have to complete a complex system upgrade in order to continue to receive support. This was their red flag to find a better TMS partner.

With thousands of clients globally, they needed reliability and stability. And with last-minute cutoff times and next-day delivery, they had to enable rapid response as well. The power and usability of MercuryGate made it a good fit.
With MercuryGate, they’ve experienced almost no downtime, and have gained functionality that helped them improve their processes. With mills in remote locations throughout the US, attaining capacity is a challenge because there are not a lot of carriers already in the area. They leverage MercuryGate’s extensive load planning and optimization capabilities to ensure they attain the capacity they need without overpaying.
Another important advantage is ease of use. With MercuryGate, they can execute advanced freight routing and other management moves with a smaller team. And because the functionality is so accessible, they can integrate it into their regular routine as needed.

Learn how MercuryGate can enable your manufacturing operations to automate and streamline transportation