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Solve Pharmaceutical Transportation & Healthcare Freight Management Challenges

Control Tower Visibility Drives Efficiency and Collaboration

Global medical product and solutions companies manage a vast logistics footprint of pharmaceutical transportation, healthcare freight management, and life sciences shipments. MercuryGate’s unified and flexible Smart Transportation platform provides configurable workflows that allow convenient carrier and partner data visibility and proactive control over freight shipments.

“Make it as Efficient as Possible”

“The MercuryGate team worked with us every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation that will continue to benefit the company and the healthcare providers and thousands of patients they serve.”

World-leading medical solutions company Mölnlycke chose MercuryGate to unify transportation management operations and address challenges associated with a disjoined environment that includes customers in almost 100 countries and operations in 40+ of those countries. MercuryGate’s best-of-breed TMS control tower solution combines ease of use, advanced global capabilities, and an onboarding process that exceeded Mölnlycke’s partner expectations.

Control Risks that Jeopardize Pharmaceutical Transportation
and Healthcare Freight

Monitor Shipment Temperature & Environment
MercuryGate TMS automatically accounts for cold-chain storage, preservation, and transfer needs to move sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare materials within specific environmental conditions.
Adapt to Protect Time-Sensitive Delivery Service
Exception management capabilities in the MercuryGate Smart Transportation platform enable teams to prioritize resources and proactively prevent errors before they become a crisis.
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Adhere to Global Regulations
MercuryGate enables rapid, real-time updates to compliance rules for pharmaceutical shipments, accounting for standards of the FDA, European Union, and others, including the World Health Organization and International Air Transportation Association.
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Pharma & Life Sciences Security
The MercuryGate transportation management platform includes up-to-date GPS monitoring protocols and extensive security controls to reduce theft risk for pharmaceutical cargo at all load transfer points – customized for pharmaceutical transportation and life sciences freight.

Control Courier Fleet Chaos in Pharmaceutical Transportation

MercuryGate Fleet Management provides a single platform for all couriers – internal and external – regardless of the courier’s software. Organizations managing healthcare freight transportation rely on complete visibility, proof of delivery, and chain of custody tracking.

Automatic rerouting ensures internal couriers adjust their journey based on traffic, weather, new orders or returns, and other criteria. MercuryGate’s Smart Transportation platform also allows all billing to be automatically resolved and settled based on voluntary settlement using the calculations provided.

Find out how MercuryGate helps a national pharmacy chain optimize routes to save about $1.5 million by reducing mileage per route by 17% and cutting the total spend per route by 18%.

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MercuryGate technology helps the world’s largest pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations execute $5 billion in mission-critical shipments every year.



Manage Compliance Burden
and Monitor Product Safety

Pharmaceutical transportation and effective healthcare freight management require a persistent eye cast toward compliance – especially when it comes to monitoring the safety of products coming to market.

MercuryGate’s Global Sourcing and Compliance solution automates trade and compliance programs and streamlines product management communications between your business, suppliers, and service providers. To protect the integrity of your products, you need adequate traceability and transparency.

Maintain Shipment and Order Visibility for Pharmaceutical Products

From importing raw materials to managing cross-border shipments of finished products, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations need consistent visibility of every shipment at every point in the journey.

Watch our MercuryGate Minutes spotlight to see how International Shipment and Order Visibility allows you to track the status of every shipment down to the item level.

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