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Customer Portals Boost Collaboration with your Customers

Creating Transparency and Security with Customer Portals

Whether you are a logistics service provider who serves multiple customers or a shipper managing deliveries for several divisions of your company, using a dedicated customer portal for each client is a convenient way to provide transparency to shipping operations while creating secure partitions between individual sets of your own customer data. The MercuryGate TMS customer portal is designed as a true gateway for your customers to take a quick peek at their shipping orders, quotes, tracking, and activity updates. All while allowing you to control the reports your end customers can access.

What is a TMS Customer Portal?

The TMS customer portal is a dedicated web portal that enables your customers to track and manage their shipments in real time. Customer portals can help eliminate potentially expensive delays and miscommunication, clearing issues without increasing your work. Your customers feel well-informed and in control, while your team achieves greater accountability by avoiding errors.

Give Customers Their Own Control Tower View

A customer portal is a zero-friction way to share pertinent shipment data for each unique customer or division – without sacrificing privacy or security. Inside of each portal, permissions can be set based on the user’s profile. Non-TMS users can see shipment statuses, as well as any proactive, relevant exception updates. TMS users can see current locations across all modes on a map view and in-transit information to better plan inventory and dock schedules. Additionally, TMS users can add new shipments or do route planning for existing shipments.

Customer portals can also be used to share and execute critical payment and accounting information such as creating and managing customer invoices. If a customer requires specific documentation to support certain charges or even pay an invoice, the customer portal provides excellent collaboration and communication resources.

Amplify service levels and transparency for every customer with a dedicated customer portal