Customer Invoicing Capabilities of a Transport Management System and Integrated Systems

Customer invoicing capabilities are at your fingertips with an integrated TMS.

Customer invoice management is a significant part of freight transportation management. Shipping and transportation services rely on accurate processing and monitoring of finances. For most shipping companies, this happens through a TMS platform that monitors customer invoicing and checks for errors and other issues.

Customer invoicing errors can occur at any time and come in many forms. Some may not directly impact profits and bottom lines. Many can, over time, add up to huge expenses and lost profits. According to Global Trade Magazine, “wrong freight bills appear in about 5-6% of invoices.” This can increase costs within routine transportation services.

With a proficient auditing system integrated alongside other technology tools within your transportation management platform, you can avoid financial penalties of inaccurate freight bills and streamline invoicing to your customers.

What Are the Customer Invoicing Capabilities of a Transport Management System?

A freight invoice is a detailed bill issued by a transportation company that includes information related to expenses with a shipment. Details about the transportation of a company’s goods and the costs associated with that shipment are in the invoices, along with other specific information.

Cloud-based TMS systems can improve overall transportation management. A fully vetted and integrated TMS platform can achieve this in the following ways.

A World-Class TMS Unifies All Invoicing Needs
A TMS offers an all-in-one platform for invoicing and financial tracking. All documentation, analytics, records, and statistics can be easily accessed and shared from one place. A TMS platform like this unifies all invoicing processes with any additional needed information or technology tools for audit.
Automated Data Capture and Sharing With Other TMS Features
Many of the most impactful TMS features today support the ability to track, record, and analyze data in near real-time. In turn, team members and different departments across the organization can easily share data. Even third-party vendors can efficiently access this data on demand.
Cloud-Based Capabilities to Enable Anywhere, Anytime Access
A TMS platform set up for cloud-based communications and access boosts productivity. With team members able to work and collaborate no matter where they are, work gets done more efficiently. Time wasted waiting on an email or phone call is a thing of the past.
Absolute Accuracy in Invoicing Generation and Management
Creating, distributing, monitoring, and recording invoices and other financial records is easier with a unified, multimodal TMS platform. Technology tools remove errors as human input and interference are reduced or eliminated. There are fewer manual activities with TMS logistics from start to finish.
Faster Time to Payment With Integrated, Digital Customer Invoicing

Another great TMS feature that helps freight invoice management is monitoring payments in real-time. Thanks to innovations within the TMS, digital invoices and automated notifications are possible. This allows team members to focus on other critical activities.

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What Are the Benefits of an Integrated Customer Invoicing System?

Integrating technology tools in a TMS platform is a significant component of improving your customer invoice management. The capabilities of a transport management system in today’s modern supply chain environment provide powerful benefits:

  • Better Connectivity Between all Involved Parties: Carriers and shippers, transportation management and team members, as well as brokers and customers, enjoy faster and more reliable communications with real-time connectivity.
  • Greater Overall Productivity and Efficiency: Automated invoicing and monitoring allow team members to stay productive by letting TMS features and systems do the bulk of the work more effectively.
  • Boosted Profit Margins and Lower Expenses: With improved end-to-end transparency and visibility into the supply chain, management achieves higher profits, lower expenses, and better overall marketability.
  • Increased, Flexibility, Adaptability, and Scalability: A comprehensive TMS empowers your team to quickly and effectively respond to shifting market trends and consumer demands.

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The world of freight management is continuously evolving. Shippers need a singular platform that unifies the transportation process from shipment execution through financial settlement. MercuryGate makes that possible with a comprehensive series of capabilities and integrated systems to streamline all processes. Request a MercuryGate demo to see it in action today.

Request a MercuryGate demo to see it in action today.


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