MercuryGate Velocity 2022: What Did We Learn?

MercuryGate Velocity offered users and partners a chance to connect and maximize the power of their MercuryGate TMS.

MercuryGate hosted our customers, our partners, and our team for our Velocity user conference in 2022. Attended by more than 450 people, MercuryGate Velocity 2022 highlighted our expanded capabilities in ocean freight visibility and global trade compliance, unveiled the creation of our customer success teams, and articulated our vision for the future of intelligent transportation systems.

In 2023, our user conference offered a virtual Velocity learning experience.

Through general sessions, client case studies, educational tracks, and product demos, MercuryGate Velocity 2022 defined a new standard for the future of TMS: a unified system that combines end-to-end shipment lifecycle visibility with actionable execution layers to speed reaction to exceptions and build true logistics intelligence.

Let’s revisit some of the things we learned during Velocity. Foremost among these is MercuryGate’s vision for future transportation management, our strategic acquisition of ClearTrack Information Network, and the significant value our MercuryConnect partners offer our users.

MercuryGate is Evolving from Smart Systems to Intelligent Management

Our efforts over the past year advanced MercuryGate’s transportation management system toward becoming the first platform that creates full transparency of the shipment journey by combining real-time predictive data and the power to take preemptive action in one place.

“Smart is where we are today. Intelligent is where we are going,” said MercuryGate Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Blough. “Using continuous data inputs and automating responses based on those inputs enables the platform to not only react to what is happening now, but also use self-learning algorithms to predict what is coming to generate logistics intelligence.”
New product development features introduced during the past 12 months support this larger intelligent vision. These features are critical infrastructure in MercuryGate’s holistic strategy aimed at streamlining complexity, enabling efficiency, and enhancing sustainability in supply chains:
  • Map view Control Tower that enables users to visualize and drill down to shipment-level details by physical location.
  • Single modernized user interface that simplifies the user experience across all device types.
  • Order-centric grid view and shipping cart that collects, filters, and allows mass action on multiple orders and automates shipping release when each order is ready.

Learn more about our product vision by watching the keynote address from Velocity 2022.

MercuryGate is Extending Capabilities in Ocean Freight Procurement, Visibility, and Supply Chain Compliance

Our strategic acquisition of ClearTrack Information Network provides MercuryGate TMS users with seamless, predictive ocean tracking at the item-, order-, and container-levels. ClearTrack also monitors, collects, creates, and controls supply chain compliance documentation. Using ClearTrack, shippers and 3PLs can ensure that no order is released for shipment without acceptable compliance results and required certifications. As a result, costly shipment delays or non-delivery due to non-compliance are eliminated, reducing costs, improving the flow of goods, and minimizing risk.

“The addition of ClearTrack brings our customers the distinct advantage of being able to see ocean shipments in real-time, take immediate action to resolve issues, and continuously improve for better decision-making and extending MercuryGate’s end-to-end modality management,” said MercuryGate CEO Joe Juliano.
What is ClearTrack Information Network?

ClearTrack is a leading provider of Supply Chain Management (SCM) software and interactive services. Founded in Brentwood, Tenn., ClearTrack creates, operates, and delivers innovative, cost-effective supply chain technology and services that retail, brand, and manufacturing companies use to work in a unified, virtual environment that realizes clarity across the global trading network.

Velocity participants saw real-world demonstrations of ClearTrack’s powerful capabilities during back-to-back presentations highlighting a client case study of Nissan After-Sales Parts. Don Mabry, MercuryGate Senior Vice President – Global Trade Solutions, illustrated how users view, analyze and share the import shipment process from origin to destination reconciled with order- and item-level detail. Audience members also saw how Nissan After-Sales Parts manages import shipment complexity with operations management dashboards configured to industry best practices and the organization’s unique requirements.

MercuryGate is Focusing on Our Customers’ Success

Our new Customer Success team, as our CEO shared during our Day 2 opening keynote, is a commitment by everyone at MercuryGate to improve our users’ experience.
This new 50-member team is focused on ensuring our customers derive maximum value from our platform. As Joe Juliano pointed out, these are industry experts – not salespeople – who are focused daily on user experience.
“Our new customer success initiative and the expansion of our shipment visibility capabilities underpin the goal of strategically aligning with customers and technology partners to deliver the best experience, address their greatest needs and deliver exceptional value for all shippers, logistics services providers, carriers, and brokers within the MercuryGate platform,” Juliano said.

MercuryGate Partners Help Users Maximize Their Technology Tools

Throughout Velocity 2022, our sponsoring MercuryConnect partners presented customer case studies, each one highlighting the unique capabilities accessible through our platform.

MicroStar Finds Perfect Brew With MercuryGate and Emerge

High-volume distributor MicroStar Logistics detailed how Emerge’s Spot Marketplace helped secure carriers who could meet the service requirements of their on-demand service model. With seamless integration between MercuryGate TMS and the Emerge solutions, MicroStar enjoys visibility, agility, and the data needed to optimize its transportation operations. The results?

  • 120 hours per week of non-value-added tasks eliminated.
  • 30 minutes saved per load without dual entry and carrier tracking.
  • 15 minutes per load saved with auto-award.
  • One integrated process flow among four different systems from load creation to payment.

MicroStar’s case study also revealed how Emerge’s support helped reduce data-entry errors and freight audit corrections.

Better Navigating the Spot Market Through a Procurement Strategy

Orbis Corporation’s alignment with MercuryConnect partner C.H. Robinson allows this manufacturer of plastic and metal packaging solutions to manage a spot procurement strategy that is effective through periods of disruption and uncertainty. In a Velocity how-to session, MercuryGate users learned how combining spot market strategy with proven execution capabilities creates a procurement strategy for the future that:

  • Utilizes real-time analysis for a streamlined approach to RFPs.
  • Applies market intelligence, technology, and integrations.
  • Uses a mix of modes, including LTL, and forecast logistics based on demand.
  • Supports shipper of choice status with technology, real-time data, and talent.

Further, C.H. Robinson’s real-time truckload market rates accessible directly within the existing MercuryGate TMS help decrease lead times, saving time and money.

TMS and Optimization Empower Sprouts Farmers Market to Grow, Adapt and Deliver for Customers

Sprouts Farmers Market leverages MercuryGate’s TMS with optimization and strategic consulting from enVista. As a result, during recent years of rising demand, shifting consumer habits, and supply chain disruption, enVista helped Sprouts reduce costs, streamline operations, and deliver excellence for customers across its 380-store retail network.

During a Velocity presentation, Sprouts and enVista detailed how their partnership relied on strategic solutions, customized applications and workflow improvements, and optimization functionality to deliver significant value since 2019:

  • Reduced volume of transfer data files.
  • Decreased planner processes.
  • Deployed spot bid tool.
  • Updated PO flag with blue button functionality.
  • Improved routing parameters and implemented robust routing solutions.

Today, Sprouts is scalable and growing. Tomorrow, the retailer of natural and organic items is working with enVista to fulfill two-year TMS and strategic goals.

Driving Automation into Your Brokerage Operation with the MercuryGate TMS

Express Logistics reduced operating expenses through workflow automation and best practices implemented in partnership with MercuryGate Integrator Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions. As explained during the Velocity presentation, Rockfarm examined the Express current state and mapped dynamic workflows based on the freight brokerage’s future state objectives.

Through the partnership, Express can better utilize the MercuryGate TMS based on the guidance of our certified reseller Rockfarm. While solutions address ongoing and future needs, case study examples detailed how Express:

  • Reduced touchpoints to limit process steps and errors while improving the ability to measure performance.
  • Expanded third-party integrations with MercuryGate partners to streamline operational, financial settlement, and back-office efforts.
  • Improved customer invoicing processes to utilize workflow automation that increases accuracy and speed, accelerates cash flow, and supports labor savings.

In the future, Express is prepared for sustainable growth, with a future roadmap and Rockfarm support in TMS design and process engineering, TMS assessment and gap analysis, and TMS maintenance and continuous improvement.

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What did we Learn at MercuryGate Velocity 2022?

Over three days, MercuryGate Velocity provided participants with greater awareness of the tools at their disposal and a better understanding of our organization’s plans to solve tomorrow’s problems.
Velocity delivered value from product demonstrations provided by MercuryGate Professional Services and direct engagement with our new Customer Success team to MercuryConnect partner case studies and informative general sessions.

Be on the lookout for Velocity content available on-demand. We’re excited to share some of the things our MercuryGate users learned during our user conference. To explore our educational resources more, visit our Knowledge Center for access to videos, eBooks, and webinars.

Tour our Knowledge Center to learn more about all our Solutions!


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