Smart Transportation Solutions Allow Customers to Work Faster and Better

Smart Transportation mean improved user interface for our customers.

In a logistics environment where many elements are out of your control, smart transportation solutions provide visibility that alleviates the stress points driving cost and inefficiency.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen stressed supply chains, as historic levels of goods coming into the U.S., aging infrastructure, the pandemic, and geopolitical disruptions continue to cause bottlenecks, congestion, and challenges in global markets,” the U.S. Department of Transportation announced.

Despite those factors, MercuryGate evolves our transportation management solutions with a focus on solving the challenges our customers encounter. In doing so, we help shippers, brokers, logistics services providers, and third-party logistics providers work smarter.

Let’s explore how you can alleviate areas of supply chain stress using our existing dynamic workflow engine alongside our new, more powerful, and more intuitive user interface.

EZ Vision Updates Streamline Transportation Execution

Everyone seems to hear a common refrain these days: “why can’t my job just be easier?” Whether it is pandemic fatigue, work transitions between home and office, or dealing with new challenges and disruptions, things seem harder than they were before.
We recognized this problem and designed a modern information-packed user interface that makes our customers’ jobs easier.
This new interface includes our signature dashboard for managing by exception. As always, the dashboard directs you to the most critical work first to save time and ensure priority tasks are completed. New dashboard capabilities create an easier user experience.

Sort Criteria and Prioritize loads

Find coverage on a load based on your specific needs. Quickly sort loads by required pick-up date or delivery date to prioritize the work further. Easily navigate to other load views and reporting within the system.

Monitor ETA and Manage Exceptions

Monitor loads pending delivery using our powerful new predictive ETA indicator. It identifies the status of a load, then works with MercuryGate’s rules engine to automate a response or prompt further action. Transportation managers dealing with disruption save time and effort when they use the tool to reschedule dock appointments and communicate downstream to drivers and customers.

Add Filters, Retain Dashboard Views and Expand Load Visibility

Prompt-able filters make sure your attention is focused on your most important loads every time the dashboard is accessed. Quickly toggle between a detailed look at one load to a full perspective on all your activity to maintain macro- and micro-awareness, without time-consuming back and forth between browsers.

Access Complete Load Details Quickly

Quickly review all information related to a load, including last location, over-the-road visibility, full track & trace information, and all corresponding financial details.

These capabilities make it easy to proactively identify loads where action is needed. Likewise, our improvements make it easier for you to advance other shipment lifecycle steps from start to finish.
Enhanced role-based security allows you to grant customers “read-only” access to their relevant transportation activity, and a consistent information view makes it easier for internal and external stakeholders to collaborate in real-time.
As a result of this new, modern user interface, MercuryGate made it more intuitive for users to harness the power of our platform and make their jobs easier.

Transportation Data Reporting and Role-based Dashboards

Most companies can access a tremendous amount of data about their transportation activities. Many of those organizations can’t translate data into meaningful insights.

As a result, these businesses miss out on data analytics that drives profits and reduces costs. Many still rely exclusively on historical performance data. By instead utilizing dynamic data accessed in real-time, you can support the best decisions, course correct if needed, and act on opportunities as they arise.
MercuryGate provides our customers with a collection of out-of-the-box dashboards and extensive report generation capabilities with more than 200 reports covering a wide range of needs. Our customers have long had the ability to create and customize their reporting to access descriptive and diagnostic analytics across more than 150 KPIs.
Other embedded analytics, such as our Market Rate Index, provide insight into up-to-date freight costs for specific equipment in specific lanes. For a logistics services provider (LSP) or broker, this allows instant awareness of the price the market will bear for providing service on that lane, so you can be confident in the rate provided to your customer.


Manual settlement is time-consuming and inefficient. Managing even a modest number of transactions can tie up important resources. And the process grows exponentially with the review of after-the-fact accessorial charges, including reweights, reclassifies, and duplicate billings. Ultimately, if you fail to manage settlement well, you may be adding more pressure to your profit margin.
MercuryGate’s evolution in settlement capabilities enhances value for users who generate freight invoices and those who manage them.


Automated and streamlined freight invoicing capabilities accelerate and improve billing accuracy. Collect multiple bills and loads into a master document to simplify record-keeping.

Master bills can be automatically created based on flexible rules, allowing you to automatically create weekly or monthly invoices for their customers. All invoices can be hyperlinked to supporting documentation within the system to reduce time spent on research.

Extended capabilities support advances and allowance management, even identifying and deducting previous allowances from owed totals.

Audit and pay

The settlement engine automatically matches, audits, checks for duplicate billing, reconciles, accrues, and prepares freight invoices for settlement.

Additionally, the system highlights invoices that failed to match an existing load and grants credentialed users the ability to accept or reject an invoice.

Exception management is alerted for invoices that don’t match or fail other conditions, such as a load that lacks proof of delivery.

And, of course, MercuryGate’s settlement solution supports international transactions, including VAT taxes and international currencies.

Finally, our customers need a transportation platform that allows buying and selling functions to work seamlessly together. You need to maintain transportation cost visibility alongside the margin achieved.
While logistics providers have used this type of functionality for decades, our customers use the capability as well. As distribution requirements were changing rapidly at the onset of a pandemic, many of our customers had idle trucks and drivers.
Because our platform is built for all verticals, those customers quickly pivoted and offered custom haul services to other companies, even if they had never done so in the past.
That’s just one more example of how our deep focus and expertise in transportation allows our customers to enjoy flexibility and capabilities often missing from broader, less capable systems.

Calculate your potential Saving While Using an enterprise TMS

Smart Transportation Solutions for Modern Supply Chain Management

MercuryGate’s Smart Transportation features enable shippers, 3PLs, brokers, freight forwarders, and carriers to address today’s challenges and critical issues on the horizon. By working smarter, our customers remain resilient through disruption, and at the same time, improve productivity, manage costs, and execute more efficient transportation operations.
Learn more about how MercuryGate uses technology to enable smarter shipping for 1.3 million global shippers moving more than $78 billion in freight.

Visit Smart Transportation for more details on how we provide intelligent, simple, sustainable, and transformative solutions for shippers, LSPs, carriers, and brokers.

Learn more about what Smart Transportation means for our customers.

Nicholas Wilson
VP, Product Marketing
MercuryGate International, Inc.

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