Setting the Path to Real-Time Visibility and Optimized Supply Chain Operations

True Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Focuses on Actionable Insights

Real-time visibility in the supply chain remains one of the most essential yet overlooked aspects of supply chain management and planning. Today, too many companies lack the insight, transparency, and analytics needed to optimize supply chain operations.

Supply chain managers, shippers, and carriers require a steady and reliable flow of data and insights to optimize services. Creating a clear path to real-time visibility makes it simpler and easier to respond to disruptions and overcome obstacles that threaten your transportation management.

Using Historical Data to Find Increased Supply Chain Visibility

Good insight and visibility help management overcome many issues impacting transportation delays with easy strategy adjustments.

Smart transportation solutions can make it easier to address challenges that persist. Thousands of active container ships sit in congested holding patterns outside global ports. In addition, the bulk of that backlog is in China alone, where virulent Omicron outbreaks plague supply lines. More than just a fad, achieving end-to-end freight visibility makes optimizing all supply chain services easier.
Notably, the majority of the most impactful supply chain shortages can be overcome with the correct data analysis and with good actionable insights. Historical data allows shippers and transportation companies to find patterns in past shipments to help them prepare more quickly for current and future trends.

5 Real-Time Visibility Risks in Freight Transportation

As freight transportation management teams forge a new path to real-time visibility, focusing on key problem areas ensures optimal short-term and long-term success.

The top five most common areas of concern for freight risks are:

  1. Origin points where a lack of data and insight leads to loading, documenting, and scheduling issues.
  2. Destination points where poor visibility causes errors in delivery, cargo damage, or customer load rejections.
  3. Port-to-port legs of the shipping process can cause problems without real-time tracking and monitoring.
  4. Drayage shipping and handling at the final destination can be chaotic and expensive due to poor visibility.
  5. Less-than-truckload transportation legs of the shipping journey can suffer significantly from poor load visibility.

While the transportation management industry is filled with hot topics, jargon, and critical phrases everyone likes to throw around, real-time supply chain visibility is far more important than achieving traditional efficiency standards. Continued growth and recovery rely on companies setting their path to real-time visibility and improving TMS integration and application.

True Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Focuses on Actionable Insights

An unprecedented amount of information is available in logistics today. Unlocking it requires the proper insight and approach to logistical planning and supply chain operations.

Actionable insights drive success, whether the focus is on contract or spot freight markets. For many, setting the path to real-time visibility involves collecting data and building predictive models to generate forward-looking insights. With this data-backed approach to freight visibility, actionable insights help shape the way forward for shipping and transportation companies.

However, not every company or management team knows how to make the most of these insights and implement these plans.

As highlighted by Supply Chain Dive, “Shortages, labor constraints, limited storage space, and soaring delivery rates are all expected to continue and create headwinds for shippers this year at a time when demand still remains high.

Supply chain shortages and challenges will likely continue. Companies must prepare and plan for short-term and long-term needs. Increasing visibility and improving insights into all aspects of supply chain management and operations will improve productivity and profitability for shipping and transportation organizations.

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Overcome Supply Chain Shortages and Improve Overall Visibility With Industry Experts

To grow and move forward in these difficult times, shipping companies need to look back and use historical data to plan and prepare for the future.

Logistics visibility and efficiency are the proper guideposts for growth and success. Setting a path to real-time visibility is critical for ongoing recovery in the face of unprecedented strains and disruptions throughout the supply chain.

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