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Eliminating freight claims and the need for freight claims management logistics technology remains an elusive process for many supply chain professionals. 

While every organization would love to claim a zero-loss ranking, that is not reality.

According to Inbound Logistics, “the good news is that damage rates have declined as packaging processes improve, and more shippers use pallets and shrink wrap. Improved shipment visibility has also helped minimize loss. Despite such improvements, damage, loss, and theft continue to occur. Planning for them is key to preventing claims and settling them quickly when they do occur.” 

As a result, freight management partners need to know a few things about how application programming interfaces (APIs) hasten the cargo loss management process, improve accuracy and reduce confusion.

The High Costs of Traditional, Manual Carrier Freight Claims Management

Consider these top issues that add to the administrative and transactional costs of traditional, manual shipper and carrier claims management.
  • Damage to the product.
  • Damage to the customer-business relationship.
  • Damage to the shipper-LSP relationship.
  • Inability to recapture revenue.
  • Lack of visibility into actual damage and resolution.
  • Limited access to understand and prevent future damage.
  • Lengthy manual and paper-based processes.
  • Errors when entering shipment data that result in delays.

Logistics Claims Management Needs Integration

Using a freight claims management platform, such as MercuryMyEZClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim allows carriers to streamline freight claims management. 

The system effectively eliminates the need to rekey data. Elimination of manual data entry processes is associated with a higher accuracy and reduction in denial rates. Process automation reduces delays in claims processing, too.

Additionally, MercuryMyEZClaim and MercuryCarrierClaim offer an option to “File Online,” sharing data directly with the carriers’ claims systems. Traditional processes would have required the printing of paperwork, rekeying of data into the system, mapping data back into MercuryCarrierClaim, and more.

By leveraging integration via an API, that process now occurs seamlessly, accessible within the MercuryGate TMS.

Additional Benefits of Freight Claims Management Integration

Relying on API for freight claims management in logistics is not just a nice-to-have. It’s essential for efficiency gains and maximizing return on investment. 

According to 3PL Perspectives magazine, For the logistics industry, API technology offers real-time, two-way connectivity and communication, which is a game-changer for an industry whose strength relies on accurate, insightful, and actionable data.”

Furthermore, using an integrated platform to manage freight claims affords significant supply chain benefits, including:

  • Increased supply chain responsiveness to file claims as soon as possible.
  • Applying online platforms to file claims and create a data trail that highlights potential areas of improvement.
  • Giving customers and end-users the ability to initiate claims processes without necessarily contacting the carrier directly.
  • Advanced processing and automation that allows for more efficient, effective, and proactive freight claims management.
  • Improved customer service levels deriving from less time waiting for carrier claim payments and a faster time to resolution.

Automate Freight Claims Management in Your Enterprise

The world will always be subject to cargo theft, damage, and other issues. In 2019, aggregate claims data from MercuryMyEZClaim revealed that 70% of claims filed were due to damaged freight. Even a minor issue, such as a delay in transit, could lead to losses for perishable items. Fortunately, the use of APIs has arrived to streamline the process, eliminate the redundancies, apply automation, and maximize the ability to resolve such claims. Learn how APIs can truly transform your approach to comprehensive supply chain management and freight claims management.

See how Freight Claims Automation Reduces Your Costs

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