What is EZVision Load Board? Visibility & Collaboration

What is EZVisions Load Board? Learn how it supports transportation planning & execution.

What is EZVision Load Board?

In this blog, we examine advanced transportation management features of the EZVision Load Board. We explore the value those features bring to users in various supply chain roles. 

Use case stories below explain how the EZVision Load Board applies in your operations.

What is EZVision Load Board?

EZVision Load Board is MercuryGate’s next-generation user interface. EZVision Load Board is not a load-posting site.

Unlike the traditional understanding of a load board for posting capacity and freight, EZVision Load Board is a transportation planning and execution platform.

It supports different modes and services with increased flexibility around required workflows.

Advanced Features of the EZVision Load Board

Transportation users rely on advanced features of the EZVision Load Board, such as:

Which Transportation Industry Players Benefit From EZVision Load Board?

Various transportation and logistics management roles use the EZVision Load Board. These include:

MercuryGate supports various types of load board users. Our omnimodal TMS benefits these different transportation managers through tailored user interfaces, such as:

  • Internal User (Can be further broken down into operations, finance, and leadership): An internal transportation user sees greater detail, including execution loads and shipping orders.
  • Carrier User: An outside user like this is limited to seeing execution loads.
  • Customer User: This type of outside user is limited to viewing shipping orders.

What Is EZVision Load Board’s Value?

MercuryGate’s EZVision Load Board provides a user interface to view the status of their in-transit loads through a list or map view. 

It provides benefits like these:

  • Architecture that has improved over time, maintaining previous aspects that were beneficial while removing inefficiencies of prior versions.
  • Guided workflows that support management by exception for more efficient use of professionals’ time.
  • Simplified user interface with streamlined navigation and fewer clicks to improve efficiency.
  • Increased visibility of loads benefits all journey stages, from planning to delivery and into related moves, so logistics professionals can take action as needed.
  • Easy access to meaningful information based on organizational role and permissions in a single view that doesn’t require scrolling.

transportation management Use Cases

These are a few impactful ways our customers use MercuryGate’s EZVision load board:

  • Activity Dashboards: Users rely on this exception management tool to view daily tasks and moves that need priority attention.
  • Reports: User reports are detailed to specific needs, organized, prioritized, and reporting on appointment date and time for more accuracy and visibility.
  • Next Event ETA Data: Users focus on identified loads with delays or at-risk so they can address any problem quickly.
  • More Actions: Additional actions easily monitored outside a normal workflow in the load board include consolidated moves, planned, and replanned items.

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Consider the EZVision Load Board When Comparing Options

Want a deeper look at the technology and functionality behind MercuryGate’s EZVision Load Board? Watch our webinar highlighting the following:

  • How the EZVision Load Board helps users gain visibility, react to exceptions and avoid supply chain disruptions.
  • How the interface supports all verticals and stakeholders by using role-based permissions.
  • How key product features streamline workflows.

Discover how the latest updates to MercuryGate’s EZVision Load Board create efficiency and drive collaboration. Click the link below to access the on-demand webinar today.

See the functionality of EZVision Load Board.


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