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Wholesale distribution success: move more for less

Planning and visibility for advanced wholesale agility

To compete today, wholesale distributors require an exceptional level of transportation planning and execution. They have to keep costs to a minimum while being agile enough to respond to marketplace shifts as they occur. This means real-time data and controls, along with the ability to optimize on the fly. That’s why so many of the leading wholesale distributors run their transportation management on MercuryGate.

Your customers can’t wait for weather to clear or capacity to become available. To ensure service at competitive pricing, wholesale distributors rely on the MercuryGate platform to identify opportunity and manage exceptions before it’s too late.

Distribution TMS

On-Time execution without sacrificing cost efficiency

For wholesale distribution companies, timing is everything. As a provider of highly time-sensitive retail entertainment products, a long-standing MercuryGate customer had to move massive amounts of product within narrow windows of opportunity to maximize market demand. Their challenge was to ensure that they not only attained the needed capacity, but to realize the best possible parcel rates while doing so. That’s why they opted for MercuryGate.

MercuryGate made it simple for this sophisticated wholesale distributor to rapidly process parcel shipments without compromising cost efficiency. We did this by enabling the customer to analyze, compare, and mange across modes on a single platform at high volumes and rapid rates.
This wholesale distributor’s logistics unit can pick, pack, and ship over 5 million units daily in peak periods. Using MercuryGate, they can process massive amounts of product at speed, while still comparing cost and service across all transportation modes to get the best deal and enabling product to arrive on-time, when stores needed it most.

Vendor collaboration and compliance for million dollar savings

One of the largest suppliers of maintenance and repair products and services in the US had approximately 500,000 professional customers in maintenance, repair, and operations. What they didn’t have was a reliable inbound transportation management system (TMS) in place. So they lacked compliance when it came to vendors using their designated carriers. This cost them over $100,000 USD annually in shipments made on non-approved carriers. In addition, orders to vendors could be quite small, with each leading to a costly shipment order of its own.

Enter MercuryGate’s advanced functionality and long-term wholesale expertise. MercuryGate empowered this wholesale distributor with a level of visibility and collaboration with vendors that wasn’t practical before. MercuryGate’s highly accessible functionality enabled this distributor and its vendors to work together to reduce inbound shipping costs by consolidating loads, and doing so without delays. While production and fulfillment stayed on schedule, the wholesale distributor was able to save up to $1M USD annually with MercuryGate.

Learn how MercuryGate can support your wholesale distribution operations to reach new levels of performance efficiency