5 Freight Optimization Benefits in Multimodal Transportation

Freight optimization provides better shipment visibility, from the first mile to the final mile.

Managing the intricacies of freight logistics for shipping services can be daunting for shippers. This becomes particularly clear when considering multimodal logistics management. Understanding the freight optimization benefits helps shippers of all sizes control profits and expenses related to shipping support services.

As highlighted by Bloomberg, “The prices of support services and warehousing have soared. Arrangement of freight and cargo services cost a record 83.6% more in January than a year ago, while storage services were up an unprecedented 17.4%.”

Improving multimodal optimization and streamlining the shipping process from start to finish can unlock many perks for shippers. Freight optimization benefits and optimized logistics make it easier to overcome challenges with Smart Transportation solutions.

Meeting Delivery and Turnaround Expectations

A lack of optimized logistics makes it challenging to access end-to-end insights and maintain awareness of shipping performance and customer expectations.

Shippers and consumers may have trouble getting on the same page without optimized freight management and logistics services. By improving optimized shipping and related services and keeping customer satisfaction levels high, shippers enjoy higher profits, and customers get better services.

Tracking and Tracing Shipments in Real-Time

Tracking shipments, loads, and containers without real-time data access and optimized logistics guidelines is complex and add to shipping costs and challenges.

Outdated data can be as bad or even worse than no data. It can cause problems with logistics, planning, and communications throughout the supply chain. Improved track and trace features are just one of the freight optimization benefits shippers can enjoy.

Managing Freight Spend and Related Accessorial Costs

Small fees and unexpected costs that go unnoticed can quickly become a significant issue that eats into profit margins without properly optimized logistics.

Without strong management and auditing processes, it is easy for freight spend, shipping expenses, and additional fees to get out of hand. Multimodal optimization improves large-scale shipping and logistical processes to improve supply chain visibility and insight.

Integrating Disparate Data Streams and Sources

Pulling data and analytics from multiple sources without multimodal optimization and logistical considerations leads to errors that can impact delivery success.

All the data in the world means little if it cannot be easily integrated into current logistics and management systems. Uncovering the freight optimization benefits comes down to integrating raw data effectively and knowing how to address disruptions in real-time.

Responding to Poor Performance and Disruptions

Shippers struggle to respond appropriately to issues and disruptions without proper freight management and optimized logistics.

A delayed and inadequate response to a topic or problem during transportation can be as inadequate as not addressing a concern. To improve shipper services from start to finish, shippers must embrace optimized shipping, logistics, and transportation management systems.

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Improve Shipping Services and Tap Into the Freight Optimization Benefits Today

Freight optimization benefits become more accessible with a solid starting point of reference. For many shipping companies and service providers, the weak link between improved services and increased profitability is a lack of optimized logistics and poorly optimized shipping services.

Tapping into the benefits of multimodal optimization and freight services is easy with the right partnership. 

Download The Guide to Multimodal Freight Optimization to learn more about how improved processes enable profitability and true continuous improvement in your organization.

Find out why shippers need more optimization within their daily logistics and supply chain management processes.


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