Multicarrier Parcel Shipping Solutions Support E-commerce Supply Chain Strategy

Multicarrier parcel shipping solutions create complexity in the ecommerce supply chain.

Modern supply chain challenges have created the need for well-planned strategies. Multicarrier parcel shipping solutions can help you manage customer demand while handling supply chain challenges. Parcel solutions can also help your company manage shipping costs.

Multicarrier parcel shipping, along with the right TMS technology to support it, can help your business improve its e-commerce supply chain flow to provide fast delivery and better service.

The Increasing Need for Omnichannel Strategies

Growth in e-commerce demand has created a situation where the supply chain is struggling to keep up. Due to factors like the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, peak holiday seasons, and busy families, e-commerce has significantly grown. This increased demand has contributed to many problems, from worldwide shortages to increased costs. Another challenge is the consumer expectation of perfect, timely delivery.

To overcome these challenges, shippers must rely on omnichannel strategies, freight management, and route optimization. Using omnichannel methods is how shippers can ensure on-time delivery. With full access to different modes and channels, shippers have the most options to provide the best and most timely delivery in each situation.

The Role of Parcel Shipping and Having a Plan

Multicarrier parcel shipping and management support the growth of omnichannel e-commerce. Parcel shipping allows you to send small, light packages that are easily moved. They make it possible to ship a few packages at a reasonable rate.

There are different ways you can handle parcel routing to fit your needs. Intermodal parcel routing uses multiple carriers and modes. Multimodal routing differs because it uses one master bill of lading. Your parcel could switch modes while the bill of lading follows it and keeps everything together. Multimodal logistics can help you optimize parcel shipping, creating faster delivery. Often, it’s necessary to consolidate parcels to gain a bulk discount, which allows you to get a better rate.

Creating a good parcel shipping plan is the way to ensure fast delivery that lives up to customer expectations. To develop this plan:
  1. Start by collecting data on activity and demands.
  2. Use analytics to find insights from the data regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your current e-commerce supply chain strategy.
  3. Use the data and insights to allocate resources to meet demand.
Further, automation can help streamline parcel management in parcel sorting, consolidation, and routing.

How a TMS Supports a Multi-Carrier Parcel Strategy

A transportation management system (TMS) provides the technology and tools to make a multicarrier parcel shipping strategy more manageable and efficient. When you’re using omnimodal and omnichannel methods, which are necessary for keeping up with demand, you need a way to manage the many carriers and transportation modes you’re using. A TMS provides the technology to help your company address these complex logistics.

The TMS helps you create better parcel routing efficiency to reduce freight spend and provide better customer service. TMS tools like robotic process automation improve parcel management to eliminate processing errors and ensure requested delivery service levels. This approach will help your transportation spend and satisfy customers. Modern customers now expect fast and affordable delivery, so keeping up with this demand is essential. Parcel management and a TMS can help you do that.

Automating Parcel Management for Speed to Market

A shipper can automate parcel management and add it to a customer experience with multiple channels. This process makes it more possible to fit customers’ changing needs and expectations for each situation. It’s essential to be flexible like this to meet modern demand and provide the highest level of service.

Automated parcel shipping helps solve numerous problems. It enables customers to interact with companies through different e-commerce portals. That creates a solution for companies focused on solving negative online shopping experiences from customers. In addition, an automated system reduces human error and allows teams to put their efforts toward more strategic activities. More consistent customer delivery experiences improve confidence in your company and shipping processes.

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Overall, parcel shipping provides a pivotal way to keep up with modern challenges and demands within an e-commerce supply chain strategy. Utilizing omnichannel methods, a parcel shipping plan, automation, and parcel shipping software like a TMS to support your processes is essential.

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