National Truck Driver Week: Salute Those Who Move our Economy

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept. 11-17, 2022.

Truck drivers are an integral part of the supply chain that keeps our country going. They transport food, raw materials, and other supplies across the nation. They are largely responsible for creating efficient shipping processes and supporting customer satisfaction for companies. These professionals work hard – even in the face of pandemic and supply chain issues that make their jobs more challenging. For these reasons, we pause to recognize their hard work and contribution during National Truck Driver Week every September.

Truck Driver Contributions to Society

The trucking industry and truck drivers’ hard work are integral to society and the economy. In modern times, the trucking industry covers more than double the mileage it did 25 years ago, according to the ATA, or the American Trucking Associations.

In 2016, truck drivers logged more than 287.9 billion miles. Two years later, the industry moved 11.49 billion tons of freight, which accounted for 71.4% of the U.S. freight tonnage total. Further, more than 80% of communities in the U.S. rely on trucking as the only way to supply their goods and commodities.

Another way the trucking industry supports the U.S. economy is through tax revenue. In 2017 federal and state highway taxes totaled $43.5 billion. Truck drivers and carriers also pay federal and state taxes on diesel fuel.

Truck Drivers Work Hard, Particularly During the Past Few Years

Of course, the people supporting the functioning of the trucking industry are the drivers. The nation has 3.5 million truck drivers delivering freight from point A to point B. The entire system of professionals in this industry includes:
  • Port Truckers
  • Truckload Drivers
  • LTL Drivers
  • Courier Drivers
  • Owner-Operators
  • Drivers

National truck drivers’ critical role has been in the spotlight in the past few years. Truck drivers were included among the essential frontline workers during the pandemic because of their efforts to transport much-needed supplies from place to place through COVID shutdowns and restrictions. Drivers often risk their health and safety to move the critical health, cleaning, and nutrition supplies needed during the pandemic response. Since then, those drivers have responded to changing guidelines and health and safety requirements. Plus, they deal with challenges like supply chain disruptions and other lasting effects on the trucking industry from the pandemic.

What is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Yearly, we take a week to honor the contributions of truck drivers and the trucking industry. Curious about what this week is about and how it started? Keep reading for more details.
When National Truck Driver Week Takes Place

National Truck Driver Week is an annual event recognizing professional truck drivers. This year, it takes place during the week of September 11 to 17. This week of acknowledgment has been around since 1998 when the ATA started National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

What Is National Truck Driver Week?

This week is a celebration of truck drivers and an acknowledgment of their essential role in our society.

Why It Takes Place

National Truck Driver Week was created as a way for the country to thank and show respect for truck drivers’ work to support our modern society. Because, let’s face it, driving a truck is hard work, both physically and mentally. 

Many truck drivers spend up to 14 hours working in a shift, negotiating highway traffic, city congestion, and parking – among other challenges. Delivery expectations are always high, and transit timelines are usually tight. Plus, for the long-haul driver, the job can send you away from home and family for weeks.

Blue-collar workers don’t always receive the respect they deserve for their foundational contributions to our society and economy. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week focuses on giving credit where it is due to those men and women dedicated to safely transporting freight throughout our country.

How the Nation Is Celebrating Truck Drivers

There are many ways people and companies are thanking truck drivers during this week of appreciation. Some feed hungry truck drivers while others display signs of thanks for them to see along their routes. Also, some companies offer truck drivers discounts and free giveaways to say thanks. The ATA provided a selection of tailored gifts available for any truckers in your life.

MercuryGate celebrates truckers during this week of appreciation – and all year long. We provide solutions that support the daily work of truckers and improve their ability to move freight. For drivers, technology-enabled offerings like digital freight integrations help identify opportunities to fill capacity with primary loads and backhauls – including shipments bound for “home.” 

Mobility capabilities for route optimization and street-level optimization help ensure drivers are always on the best route – even when disruption occurs. Relying on solutions that support a driver’s ability to complete a shipment on time helps ensure that receiving customers greet their inbound freight with a smile – instead of creating one more headache for the truck driver.

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Our society owes truck drivers and the trucking industry a debt of gratitude for bringing necessary and helpful goods and commodities from place to place. Their work helps our nation keep moving, and we need their hard work more than ever. We always thank them during this special week for their essential contribution to society.

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