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Retail and Wholesale Transportation Management Solutions

End-to-End Visibility and Control Across Your Global Supply Chain

Retail and wholesale TMS users need the power to monitor every shipment and adjust transportation strategies to protect the experience of customers. MercuryGate’s Smart Transportation platform meets those needs and provides the best TMS for retail and wholesale shippers with a holistic solution suite that enables supply chain visibility and transportation execution in every stage of each shipment’s lifecycle.

Tackle Retail Challenges with TMS Technology

Sports Retailer Cuts Inbound Freight Costs 30%

Modern retail consumers expect a full multichannel buy-anywhere-pick-up-anywhere experience. That’s why retailers need technology-enabled visibility and transportation management to meet demand, control costs, and pursue strategic market growth in a volatile environment.

MercuryGate’s winning line-up of TMS-powered visibility, planning, and execution helps retailers gain control over inbound shipments, consolidate orders, and improve inventory management. Find out how a national sports retailer benched manual processes to achieve $1M in savings and improve service strategy for all channels.

TMS Capabilities Designed with Retail & Wholesale in Mind

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Global Product Sourcing & Compliance
Protect product integrity and brand image with best practice standardization and automated compliance management.
Freight Transportation & Final Mile Delivery
Secure the right capacity, optimize freight moves across every mode, and limit empty vehicle miles to support cost, service, and sustainability goals.
End-to-End Shipment & Order Visibility
Vessel, container, order, and item-level views improve inventory management, communications, and transportation decision-making.
Claims Management & Reverse Logistics
Centralize documentation, automate processes, and identify claim trends to reduce administrative costs and improve claims recovery.

Native Parcel Centralizes Multimodal Transportation

On-Time Execution without Sacrificing Cost Efficiency

We chose MercuryGate’s platform because of its agility, ease of startup, and its ability to add customers that need export/import as well as domestic transportation.


Shipments per Hour


Units Shipped Daily in Peak


Annual Parcel Spend

Retail and Wholesale TMS for the Modern Economy

E-commerce growth and increased demand on delivery capabilities shifted how the retail and wholesale industries serve consumers. Final mile logistics services changed in response, protecting experience but complicating transportation management.

To simplify management in the modern pull economy, MercuryGate Smart Transportation solutions provide:

Manage Logistics Services for Retail and Wholesale Customers

Lead Logistics Providers, 3PLs, and supply chain consultants rely on MercuryGate TMS to support global retail and wholesale customers. Using MercuryGate Control Tower, Load Board, and Source Carrier, alongside business intelligence tools, logistics services providers save time and money while improving their agility to respond during disruption.

See how MercuryGate empowers retail and wholesale TMS users with end-to-end visibility alongside transportation execution