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Our TMS solution covers any type of freight. Any mode. Any geography.

Capture an additional 1-2%, on top of industry average of 8.5% ROI, through the MercuryGate transportation management platform, which includes exception automation, robotic process automation, cost-efficient management of logistics, and endless scalability. Industry-proven leadership and a relentless approach to securing more capacity, more carriers, faster onboarding processes, and self-optimizing systems increase ROI an additional 2%!
MercuryGate transportation solutions enable better leverage and opportunity to avoid risk through our unique combination of power and usability. Founded on nearly two decades of dedicated industry expertise, MercuryGate provides robust, built-in, best-practice wisdom, along with exceptional business intelligence, optimization, and reporting. All while easily adapting to your people and processes.

Empower your transportation teams to see through complexity to the bottom-line benefits of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ongoing innovation focused exclusively on transportation keeps you at the forefront of automation. And easy scalability means you’re ready to grow for the future. No wonder the most successful shippers in the world rely on MercuryGate.

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Watch a quick overview of the 5 product suites

Learn key facts about the MercurGate product suite like how our single platform model helps run your logistic business more efficiently and an overview of what is provided within each of the 5 product suite.

Plan, Forecast, and Optimize Rates, Loads, and Routes Simultaneously

Companies of all sizes can use MercuryGate solutions to maximize cost efficiencies. This is that extra edge that can make your bottom line shine. Best of all, users do not have to be experts to gain these advantages. Even less-experienced users can quickly get up to speed with our optimizer, wizard-driven interface, and on-demand training. Enabling you to:
  • Optimize inbound and outbound freight, continuous-move, and backhaul opportunities simultaneously, maximizing ROI.
  • Set up routes, pickups, and drops in the most efficient way possible.
  • Move freight at the lowest possible cost with actual, real-time rates.
  • Optimize both common carriers and private fleets together, as well as driver and equipment assignments.
  • Maximize and optimize utilization of equipment by weight, cube, pieces, or pallet count, which uses the fewest trucks possible.
  • Factor in multiple constraints in logistics management, such as determining which carrier is best for a given product and product shipping compatibility.

Gain Leading Transportation Business Intelligence

Today, some of the world’s largest companies – many of them renowned transportation experts in their own right – rely on MercuryGate solutions to mitigate risk, gain efficiency, and drive business strategy.

  • Integrate with carrier application programming interfaces (APIs) and rate aggregators, as well as use automatic summaries of transportation management system (TMS) lane history, bid information, and carrier awards based on rates, capacity commitments, and service metrics.
  • An internal freight market index and external indices optimize capacity, including backhauls, as well as in-network and out-of-network carrier capacity postings.
  • Automate and optimize logistics with guided business transportation solutions, leveraging historical data, and super-powered carrier scorecards to maximize load matching.

Control Visibility And Collaborate With Customers, Vendors, And Carriers

Gain control and share visibility to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and collaboration. From internal transportation teams, to partners, and beyond, MercuryGate solutions connect users to the visibility they need to reduce risk and leverage opportunity for the long term.
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Proactive Tracking

MercuryGate offers visibility throughout the shipping journey, alerting users to potential delays or issues. Combined with platform functionality, the ability to track issues before they become disruptions gives companies an opportunity to intervene, including notifying customers, changing sale signage, and more.

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Supplier Portal

Access your vendors, manufacturers, and other suppliers from a single resource, centralize communications, and avoid scheduling and ordering conflicts. Better communication and collaboration make it easier to work with supply chain partners and reduce the burden of endless emails and phone communications. Using a portal further improves data quality, controls costs, and increases visibility.

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Carrier Portal
Connect to our global platform without ever needing to resort to APIs or electronic data interchange (EDI). Extended portals provide all of the equivalent functions via simple web browser access, without the need for added costly systems.
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Customer Portal
The customer portal reduces the burden of customer service, automating functions and promoting self-service. The portal gives non-TMS users access to statuses, as well as any proactive exception processes. Users can also see current locations on maps, remaining transit information, and estimated time of delivery.
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Control Tower Visibility

Achieve end-to-end visibility where all your questions, concerns, data queries, and documentation can be accessed from a single resource. Like a true control tower, shippers and logistics service providers can leverage TMS global solutions to overcome barriers to visibility and continuously maintain control.

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Agent Delegation
Delegate subsets of workflow processes to trusted agents, while still maintaining full visibility. Share data across agencies, companies, and departments, covering more loads and avoiding the issue of missed pickups and deliveries.

Automate the complexity of transportation billing and settlement

Even a small number of carrier bills can be overwhelming with after-the-fact accessorial charges, reweighs, reclassifies, and the added risk of duplicate or inaccurate billing.
MercuryGate’s robust settlement solution with best-practice workflows automates processes for accounts payable teams, finance managers, accountants, and business managers.

Reduce Risk of Financial Loss:

  • Manage carrier, vendor, and customer invoices across both accounts receivable and payable, while also managing the relationship between carrier and vendor costs and customer invoices.
  • Audit freight bills as well as after-the-fact accessorial charges without touching every invoice, letting the system perform most auditing practices.
  • Automatically submit claims for reimbursement to carriers for instances of overbilling or double billing.
  • View pricing across multiple currencies.
  • Reconcile invoices for any mode.
  • Assign GL codes and allocate charges.
  • Calculate commissions and manage accruals.
  • Automate exception management.
  • Flag duplicate invoices.
  • Reduce risk of financial loss.

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