7 Most Popular Logistics Blogs of 2023

Internet search window reveals the 7 most popular logistics blogs of 2023.

The 7 most popular MercuryGate logistics blogs of the past year reveal a window into the priority topics for logistics and supply chain managers.

As a competitive business environment mixes with ongoing economic uncertainty, modern businesses face unparalleled risks that jeopardize profit and customer loyalty. Blogs published throughout 2023 highlighted transportation management challenges and viable solutions.
Focusing on how our Smart Transportation platform supports business needs, the MercuryGate Transportation Blog provides relevant information that benefits our customers and community.
Please keep reading for a synopsis of our most popular blogs and links to the content.

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1. TMS Vs. ERP For Transportation Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are great at managing core business functions. However, a transportation management system (TMS) is often needed to keep pace with complex transportation models in an increasingly challenging supply chain environment.

This logistics blog explores TMS vs. ERP and how ERP solutions lack the transportation management capabilities needed to manage shipment execution, logistics, and transportation.

Four important capabilities in our TMS vs. ERP comparison:

  1. TMS accelerates implementation that supports a faster return on investment.
  2. TMS provides visibility across the transportation network.
  3. TMS achieves unrealized value, cost savings, and ROI.
  4. TMS delivers critical transportation-specific functionality.

Click this link for the blog about TMS vs. ERP, where you can access our white paper, The Case ERP and TMS Integration.

2. Digital Freight Benefits For Shippers And Carriers

The freight transportation industry faces a volatile balance of customer demand and transportation capacity. Both demand and capacity can shift quickly and be impacted by many factors. It’s important to have a strategy to create predictability and stability from this volatility.

A digital freight marketplace allows shippers, carriers, and digital freight providers to orchestrate win-win-win scenarios across the shipping process. Shippers access lower, real-time rates to move their freight. Carriers and digital freight providers fill more empty trailer space and backhauls. LSPs tap into greater profit with improved market awareness opportunities.

This logistics blog explains the need for a digital freight marketplace, as well as the digital freight matching benefits for all freight and transportation industry stakeholders.

3. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2023: Saluting & Supporting Heroes Who Keep Freight Moving

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, organized by the American Trucking Associations, recognizes nearly 3.5 million truck drivers who safely and efficiently deliver goods nationwide.

This blog takes a closer look at National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and how it salutes the valuable contributions made by truck drivers throughout the United States.

  • Truck drivers work hard in challenging times.
  • Truck drivers are the cornerstone of our economy.
  • Truck drivers benefit from MercuryGate carrier-focused solutions.
Read the blog to learn how MercuryGate’s Smart Transportation solutions provide truck drivers with the tools and resources they need to excel in their roles and ensure their safety on the road.

4. Navigating The Road Ahead: Challenges In Transportation And Logistics

The transportation and logistics industry is notoriously unpredictable. Understanding and preparing for current challenges in transportation and logistics is crucial for businesses to thrive in this dynamic environment.

  • Growing delivery failures.
  • Middle and last mile costs.
  • Disconnected data.
  • Customer demands.
  • Route optimization.
  • Digital transformation.

Read our logistics blogs here to access strategies for overcoming challenges in transportation and logistics.

5. Dynamic Rulesets And The Advantages Of Workflow Automation

Leveraging dynamic rulesets within MercuryGate TMS supports growth and scalability. This workflow automation technology empowers organizations to overcome real-world supply chain challenges from the first to the final mile across all modes.

Several of our logistics blogs provide a how-to look at MercuryGate solutions and define standard transportation management terms and software options. This blog explores the advantages of workflow automation and how using dynamic rulesets can streamline your planning and logistics management by automating processes.

  • Market dynamics and customer demands drive increased expectations.
  • Dynamic rulesets defined.
  • Value of DRS and workflow automation.
  • Advantages of workflow automation.

Watch our Velocity webinar on-demand to learn more about the advantages of workflow automation using dynamic rulesets. It highlights how dynamic workflow management enables process efficiency and optimization within MercuryGate TMS.

6. TMS RFP Questions To Be Sure And Ask

Selecting the right TMS can be a massive undertaking for an organization. Whether your company is implementing a TMS for the first time or seeking more functionality over an existing system, the process starts with your TMS RFP.

One of our more popular logistics blogs offers the first steps for a TMS RFP, as well as a template for TMS RFP questions to consider during evaluations.

7. Automation In Logistics: Benefits And Tips For Deploying Automation

The value of automation in logistics is rapidly becoming synonymous with supply chain efficiency. To help you create more value within your supply chain, this blog explores how automation in logistics management emerged through the evolution of transportation processes.

  • Misconceptions about automated technologies in logistics.
  • Opportunities to deploy automation in logistics.
  • 5 tips to apply automation in your logistics activities.

Among those tips are important caveats when launching automation in your transportation operation.

You don’t have to build it yourself. You don’t have to go it alone. And you certainly don’t want to get trapped trying to implement it overnight.
Automation takes time. Failure to consider all other implications across your other software, services, or systems could disrupt your entire network. That’s why more organizations turn to true experts like MercuryGate and our reseller partners.

Bonus Logistics Blog: TMS Software Price & Process Compliance

During the past year, logistics blogs published during 2022 also proved popular. Among them, we shared what shippers and LSPs need to know about software price.

Read the blog to discover critical differences between TMS price models and 7 benefits you can access through a cloud-based platform.

  • Faster route planning and rerouting.
  • Customized management processes.
  • Improved end-to-end supply chain visibility.
  • SaaS transportation management systems.
  • Delivery option customization.
  • Shipping claims and damages settlements.
  • Enhanced business intelligence and insight.

Meanwhile, the best strategies for managing risk factors across logistics execution always attract attention. MercuryGate TMS helps improve compliance with your logistics processes.

Here’s one of our 2022 logistics blogs with 5 tips for managing compliance risks.

  1. Know your risks in real time.
  2. Ensure all your teams use the right systems to execute changes within the transportation network.
  3. Guard your company against risks by following the same rules for onboarding new LSPs and holding them to your expectations.
  4. Use analytics to know when certain modes or carriers fall outside of performance expectations.
  5. Digitize your freight routing guide.

Learn more about managing compliance through your MercuryGate TMS here.

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Logistics Trends, Technology Solutions, and TMS Success Stories

MercuryGate logistics blogs emphasize how our technology solutions align with marketplace challenges that threaten your transportation cost and service. Stay tuned during the year ahead for success stories from our clients who reveal how our tools delivered measurable improvement in their business.

Providing TMS, Global Sourcing and Compliance, Shipment & Order Visibility, Final Mile, and Claims Management, the MercuryGate Smart Transportation suite supports improved execution at every stage in your shipment’s lifecycle.

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