Freight Courier Claims Portal Streamlines Claims Management

Freight courier claims portal

In freight shipping, courier services provide a reliable solution for many cargo-related transport needs. Demand for shipping and freight courier services remains especially high with the exponential growth in e-commerce shipping since 2020. In this environment, the need for clear and concise claims management is essential.

According to Forbes, the U.S. e-commerce will exceed $1.1 trillion in sales in 2023. It is also well-known that more freight moving through the supply chain amounts to an increased risk for damage, especially at the distribution center and courier levels. 

In 2019, Packaging Digest reported that up to 11% of all shipments moving through a distribution center experience damage. While exact statistics for damage occurring while in the hands of couriers is unavailable, the risk is still present. The solution to this increased risk: a clear plan for managing claims in any stage of transport, including while in the distribution center and the hands of couriers.

The best-prepared shipper will be the one who responds to freight damage claims and complaints of parcels damaged by couriers in a fast, reliable, and professional manner.

How Does Courier Service Work?

If you know the basics of how freight courier services work, you can make shipping and transportation negotiations easier and more streamlined.
Most people, in general, understand that a courier service handles the delivery of smaller items and one-off loads. However, there is more to it than that. There are plenty of options for a more specialized and customized experience. Specialty couriers usually offer all of the following:
  • 24/7/365 Service: Availability to handle deliveries at any time within short notice.
  • Packaging: Specialized packing options are available for most all shipments.
  • Tracking: Automated tracking and notification services for deliveries of all kinds.
  • Inside Delivery: Individual delivery to rooms, offices, apartments, and PO boxes.
  • Local Shipping: Short-distance and short-turnaround deliveries in a specific area.
  • Global Shipping: Options for long-distance shipping and coordination services.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Freight courier customer service and related assistance.
  • Transportation Management: TMS tracking and communication services.
Depending on the courier services, tracking damaged or lost claims requires a greater level of finesse and precision than typical freight claims. That’s why shippers need to know how using a claims portal can help reduce the hassle.
1. Courier Claims Tend to Rise in Tandem With Growing Demands

It seems like common sense, but it is worth pointing out. As a carrier or courier makes more shipments and deliveries, the likelihood increases for claims of parcels damaged by couriers. As demand and frequency increase, so does the risk of damages.

2. More Couriers Mean Greater Delivery Risk
The same also holds for the sheer number of freight couriers that operate in any given market or industry. More hands on the cargo means more opportunities for something to go wrong and for disruptions and issues to arise with delivery.
3. More Touchpoints Increase Possibility of Damage and Loss
When more than one carrier or courier handles a package, letter, or container, there is an increased possibility of damage. The chances of cargo being lost or stolen also rise. Fewer transfers may mean a slightly longer delivery window, but it can reduce the involved risk level.
4. A Claims Portal Makes It Easy to File Claims Anywhere

Having a dedicated claims portal for freight courier services and tracking makes it easier. Customers quickly file freight claims and delivery documents when parcels damaged by the courier are noted. A digital portal grants access anytime, anywhere, whenever needed.

5. Integration Reduces the Risk of Error When Filing Claims
Freight courier services improve with integrated tools and platforms such as the MercuryMyEZClaim tracking and claims system. This tool helps couriers and customers avoid errors and mistakes in filing a freight claim by automating much of the mundane processes involved.
6. Absolute Transparency Yields Better Resolutions in Claim

When couriers or carriers receive claims for parcels damaged by courier services, transparency helps improve customer service and satisfaction. It allows for more accessible filing and makes coordination between departments easier for better courier service management.

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Reduce the Hassle of Managing Cargo Damaged by Freight Couriers

Whether you are relying on carrier or courier services, capitalizing on the best services available relies heavily on shippers’ ability to understand how does courier services work? That understanding includes the realization that freight claims happen.

Having access to automated monitoring processes is the norm for supply chains of all sizes and market focuses. Automation is integral to your claims management – especially since it can help you protect profit. With technology, take the stress, hassle, and headache out of claims for parcels damaged by couriers. Need help choosing that technology? 

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