Freight Management Trends for Shippers to Know

Freight Management Trends For Shippers To Know

Freight and logistics managers and team members need to track and monitor several trends to ensure they are keeping up with the latest tools and resources available. Using a transportation management system (TMS) and freight management remains one of the most critical trends that managers and shippers can monitor in the new year. But don’t take our word for it. Consider this. According to Supply Chain 24/7, “Leading transportation management trends are simple. They range from more technology in freight management through a shift toward outsourcing-preferred management methodologies. As the freight market continues to change throughout the coming year, shippers need to implement the technologies and processes that promote efficiency, productivity, and savings.” When it comes to logistics management within the industry, there are several significant trends to watch. Here are five of the most important things to watch for and what to do about them.

1. More Substantial Automation and AI Systems Are Going to be Essential

Automation has been influential in many industries for over a decade and has even been seen with freight management. The sustained success within supply chains and their ability to adapt to customer needs are directly related to how easily companies embrace automation and artificial intelligence technology. Automation and analytics in the supply chain industry make it easier for networks to remain effective, consistent, profitable, and successful. And the application of artificial intelligence (AI), whether through chatbots or additional virtual applications, will be core to success.

2. Omnichannel Services Will be in Higher Demand by Customers

Customers have become accustomed over the last year to providers adapting to meet their wants and needs. This trend will likely continue into 2021 and beyond and is something freight management personnel will need to address. The omnichannel approach of providing options for orders, payments, delivery, and pick-up offers customers a personalized experience. The process is vital and critical during recovery in the years ahead to keep customers satisfied.

3. Managers Need to Focus on the Growing Trend of “Green” Logistics

Another upcoming trend in supply chain networks managers need to keep a close watch on is green logistics’ growing popularity. While adopting green processes has obvious benefits to the environment, it is also cost-effective and can increase customer loyalty. From fuel usage to packaging and recycling options, there are many ways freight management personnel can make a move toward greener practices and thus appeal to more customers in the year ahead.

4. Working With Expert 3PLs Will Become Standard Among Supply Chains

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are typical among supply chain management teams today. By using third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) and outsourcing services, shipping and transportation companies of all sizes can direct man hours and resources towards the business’s critical internal workings. Utilizing a 3PL as part of the freight management processes will represent a crucial option for supply chains in any industry in the years ahead.

5. Layered Technologies Make Functionality Plausible

Many different technologies are coming together within the supply chain network, and now in 2021 and beyond, multiple technologies are crucial to keeping ahead of the competition. The supply-chain industry must grow and adapt, while embracing new advances, methods, tools, and processes to find success. Functional freight management will rely on the proper utilization of all available means within the network.

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Freight and logistics managers need to know more about proper logistics management and the analytics tools available. As e-commerce continues its march toward superiority, success will depend on recognizing the top freight management trends, delivering on a layered, immersive experience, and collaboration with all other B2B parties.

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